Friday, February 3, 2017

A final goodbye

Even though we moved about 5 months ago, my parents were still living in the home we moved out from. The sale of the house is set to be final sometime next week. I went yesterday to say a final goodbye to the house that has held memories since 2001. We moved into this house when I was about 17 years old. Still in my late childhood/ early adulthood. I moved out for about 2 years from 2004-2006. Then came back and lived there until this last August. It holds memories from around my high school graduation, my college years, my dating , my fist marriage, the conception of all my kids, the death of 2 of my children (stillbirth and miscarriage), my divorce, my second marriage, first steps, first words, first almost everything for all my rainbows.... there is a whole lot of memories in these walls.

Probably the most special place, you already know Ive blogged about it before, is the kids room. Initially it was made for Genesis. She died before I got to finish it but I was determined to have rainbows grow up in this room and I finished it even before I had a living child. So much emotion went into this mural. I did eventually have D & G use this room. Both as babies and older children. Because of how small the room is, and also because of how young D2 & N were, they never got a chance to use this room. Of course I would use it to hold their clothes in the closet and change their diapers on the changing table... but they never got a chance to sleep there. They didn't play with their toys there. They didnt really get to make any memories in this room. And for that I am a little sad. This is the only time the younger two have been in this very special room. They loved the koi fish. Im only sorry they didnt get to enjoy this room more. This will probably be the last time I lay eyes on this mural. I have no idea who the new owners are or their plans for the room. Id be surprised if they kept it. But either way I would have no way of knowing what they end up doing.

I have made it a tradition to leave a little note behind each one of our homes. After all, it housed so many memories between 2001-2016.

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