Wednesday, March 8, 2017

The "Perfect" Family

I went to get my hair done last week, I know... it was WAY over due as I never EVER get to treat myself like that, and well... the usual things that happen at a hair salon happened. 

You strike up a conversation with your hair dresser, you share a bit of your soul with them, you go back and forth about your personal problems and challenges.... I learned a lot about her and she barely started to scratch the surface with me. 

As soon as she found out I had 4 kids she asked the usual question every one asks: Hoy many boys? How many girls? I reply that I have two of each. And I get the same reply that I get from most people. 

Oh wow! So perfect! That's like my dream family.

It's such a simple statement. It has all the good intent in the world. It's even a compliment of sorts. I know people who say this truly are well meaning. So it honestly doesn't reflect anything negative about them. But I have got to tell you. Comments like that stay with me. Ive blogged about that before. 

My "perfect" family took blood sweat and tears and A LOT of faith to get here. My "perfect" family is actually a family of 8 which includes 4 girls and 2 boys. To me that is perfect. Having both the daughters I lost here would be absolute perfection. 

So next time you see the "perfect" family... weather that is a family of a boy and girl or two boys and two girls or whatever the idea of perfection is to you, just take a moment to ponder on what it took to actually get there. And for a moment give thought to the idea that perhaps its not perfect to them. And that it took a lot of sacrifice and loss to get there.


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