Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Sorta freaking out

Her birthday is next Thursday. Im a week and a day away. Im having issues with the florist ordering her flowers. I wanted to do something different with the flowers this year and its proving to be very difficult. Nothing is set in stone and ordered yet which is freaking me out. Im a planner and usually have this already taken care of like a month or so in advance. Im supposed to get a call back today with more information but they have been pretty flakey about keeping me up to date with information. I really hope they don't ruin this part of her birthday. 

Side note, I never told them what the flowers were for. They asked but I just said its for a special day for me personally. Nothing fancy. In a conversation with another employee they asked if this was for a funeral. Im not sure why they would ask that. Im ordering a bunch of flowers not in an arrangement or anything. So Im not sure why they would even get the idea it was for a funeral or something related to loss. I mean it is but I never let on that it was.


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