Saturday, March 11, 2017

TONS of Winks

Ok so yesterday and today I had a TON of winks. On the way to pick up the kids from school I saw a rainbow in the sky. Rainbows are not necessarily her thing but I have mentioned anytime I see something special or unique or out of the ordinary it makes me think of Genesis so Im counting it. Then we met up with my in laws for dinner. When I went to pay there was a problem with my card. I ended up having to call my bank and order a new card. Part of their verification process was to text me a verification code. Just look at the code. Yeah, need I say more. As we were leaving the restaurant the car in front of us was a Genesis. (yes horrible photo I know but its what I could get) And lastly, the kids were watching the movie Pixels this morning and for some reason and they actually mention her name in the movie. Just wow. There is no denying she's showing me her presence as I approach this big milestone without her. 

Thank you baby girl. Mama loves knowing you are near. 

See you on the other side of the stars.


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