Wednesday, March 1, 2017

And it begins

Its March once again. But this one, this is the 10th March since her birth. I am beside myself that a decade is just a matter of days away.

Anyway, I decided to do something different this year than what I have done in prior years. Yes I will still do a balloon release and visit her stone in the Children's Memorial Garden at Garfield Park, but I decided Im going to do 10 random acts of kindness. One for every year I have been without her. I want to transform any feelings of sadness and pain into something kind and happy. And these aren't just any random act of kindness... most if not all of them will be random acts of kindness to children and or parents. 

I created a Facebook event where I invite all my friends to join me (virtually) to do any random act of kindness. I only ask for at least one but you can do as many as you'd like. It can be however big or small as you like too. It can be as simple as giving a stranger a compliment or paying for someones meal. Totally up to you. In the Facebook event, I ask that you do this on her birthday 3/16 and share on the event page your story, photo or video of your random act of kindness. I will do the same. This is also open to this on instagram as well. On instagram I ask that you please use the hashtag #genesis10thbday and tag me please @themrsdeleon It will probably be a busy and emotional day for be but I will see every single post just as soon as I can. 

Participating in this with me brings me more joy that I can tell you. Knowing that people are doing this in my daughters name and thus keeping her memory alive is priceless to me. It makes this first huge milestone a bit more bearable to deal with.

Ive already begun getting my random acts of kindness together and putting these cute tags on them. 

So if we are Facebook friends, please be sure to join me on my Facebook event. On instagram you can still participate by tagging and including the hashtag. As long as your account is public I will be able to see your post. Ill be sharing everyones stories and photos here on the blog after her big day.

Thank you to everyone who has already let me know that they will be part of the random acts of kindness on her birthday. You are so appreciated. 


Shauna said...

This is an AWESOME idea for Genesis 10th b-day!!!!

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