Thursday, March 16, 2017

10 years

March 16th 2007, a beautiful little girl came into the world sleeping. Every day since then, I have wondered who she would have been. Today she would have been a bright eyed, curly haired 10 year old.... probably fighting with her 5 other siblings, but also sharing so much love. Instead, she's in paradise with her younger sister watching us from above. From the moment I was told she wouldn't survive I mourned the potential lifetime of memories that should have been. However today I focus on the fact that she did live. During her life, she knew nothing but the love and warmth of her mother. She made me the best mother I could possibly be for my rainbows. She changed me in a way that I can't even begin to describe. She connected me to the meaning of life. To the universe. To earth. To fulfillment. To knowledge. To empowerment. To strength. And to so much more. She opened my mind and understanding. She has been the greatest teacher I have ever had. I can only hope that I can teach her siblings what she has taught me as they grow up. If I succeed at that, my mission as their mother is complete. I am so honored that the universe chose me to be her mother. I will continue to remember her, honor her and speak her name for the rest of my life. I await the day we meet again on the other side of the stars. Love you forever and always. A mothers love never ends. 


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