Sunday, December 25, 2016

A Dream

I had a very odd dream about Genesis last night. I was at a mortuary, not the one that actually cremated Genesis. It was just a random building that was a mortuary. I went in trying to figure out where Genesis was and what happened to her. I was looking through the records of our "services".In reading it I saw that the records showed that I died while I was pregnant with Genesis. I remember thinking this was a little odd since obviously I was alive. But I accepted the fact that I had died and that it was some prior life or something. The director of the facility, a bald white man with a white long beard and glasses, told me that Genesis had been "extracted" from my body. I remember I was shocked when he told me the news. They couldn't tell me why they removed her from my body. And they couldn't tell me what happened to her. Where her body went and what was done. I remember being so mad that they lost my daughter. In a very odd twist part of the file I was reading over, also showed that D and G died as well. I remember thinking he died at 4 years old... that would put G at 2 years old.. Then I looked at the director and said I cant believe its been 4 years and that D would have been around 6 years old (yes I know the numbers don't add up, but thats what was in my dream).... then he corrected me and told me that D would actually be 11 today. My jaw hit the floor. I told him I couldn't believe how much time had passed. In a strange twist, in my dream I still had D and G alive though. They weren't in my dream but I remember thinking that D and G were at home. Like there were two sets of D & G. Kind of like there were two of me. Its strange and I cant even begin to explain it. Anyway, I started crying and felt the pain of losing D & G as if it just happened... it sort of felt like this was the first I heard of it but seeing the records reminded me that they died.... so so strange. But I was sobbing so uncontrollably. I remember leaving the mortuary and telling a woman I was with that I was going to consult with a lawyer because they lost genesis body. SO WEIRD.
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