Sunday, November 6, 2016

A Winner

A couple days ago I entered a raffle to win a gorgeous carved goddess. She's made of Rainbow Obsidian. (You know I love rainbow anything lol) I bought two tickets and I had to choose a number between 1 and 50 for each ticket. I don't have lucky numbers or anything so I had to think about which numbers I would pick. 16 came to mind first because of Genesis' birthday. Then I thought of Exodus. I said, well she didnt really have a birthday because she was never born, so what day do I associate wit her. The day I found out I was pregnant with her, which was mothers day 2013. Which happened to be 5/12/13. So I picked 12. After I picked it, I had a very certain feeling that Exodus was going to have a hand in me winning this statue. I can't even explain how I knew it. I just had a feeling. I actually visualized myself winning. But at that point I thought it was just positive thinking. Well, lo and behold the next morning I find that they did in fact pick 12, Exodus' number, and I won. I could not believe it. Im still stunned. 

In other news, last night I had a dream about Genesis and Exodus. Together. I saw them as small infants. Maybe about a year old maybe two. Unfortunately they were not alive. They were laying in bed with me as I had N on the other side of me. (sounds really morbid I know) and N was asleep and someone else was in the room with me but I don't know who. They said don't move the babies (Genesis and Exodus) because it would tickle them. I accidentally moved them and they started giggling and kicking. But as soon as I stopped moving so did they and they went back to being dead. Im telling ya, I can't wrap my head around this weird dream. It happened a few times where I would move and they would start giggling and kicking and rolling over. The whole time I didn't really get a good look at them. I think I saw the one closest to me a little better but Im not sure. They never opened their eyes. And I don't know who was who. I remember they had light skin and dark hair. The girl I saw better had curly hair, and it was somewhat short. I woke up and felt really sad and a little freaked out by my dream. Im not sure what it means if anything. But one thing is for sure, I def think my girls visited me and thats why I had a dream about them. Its the first dream Ive ever had that they were both in the dream together.

Oh, and last night we saw a shooting star. Although I'm not sure if thats the accurate term. Meteor? Is that it? It was very low in the sky, and it lasted a while. We saw it white at first then some green flames before it disappeared just over our home. It was D's first shooting star. I don't think any of the other rainbows actually saw it. We were in the car and just arriving back home from a wedding we attended.


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