Tuesday, November 22, 2016

A visit on an anniversary

I woke up this morning and remembered that I had a dream regarding Genesis. There was a young boy in the dream maybe about D's age and he was holding a newborn baby girl. This boy somehow knew my family and looked at me while holding this baby saying "(baby's name that I can't remember) was born just after Genesis died." I remember thinking "um okay..." Then this boy just decides to talk to me about Genesis which surprised me because I didn't even think he knew about her. He asked me nonchalantly "What were her interests and likes in life?" I didn't respond right away because his question surprised me. He spoke of her as if she had lived outside of me. After a long pause I replied "Well, she loves her family. She has a very strong sense of family." Of course I knew that because of all the signs Ive gotten from her and how she lets me know she is around. Then I continued "I don't know what her interests and likes were because she never got a chance to live life." Then later on in my dream I felt like her spirit was trying to make contact. I could feel her presence. I felt this weird feeling of like an electrical current run through me. And that was pretty much my dream. 

As I was telling my husband about my dream this morning he tells me he had a dream too. Told me he and I were in my car and I was driving. When suddenly I got this shocked look in my face and basically froze while pushing on the gas pedal. He asked me what was wrong and I told him I saw something. Something having to do with like a spirit or something. Although he couldn't recount the dream 100% with all the details he thought it had something to do with Genesis. Maybe I saw her or something. 

I found it a little surprising that we both had a dream about Genesis. 

Then it hit me.

Today of all days it is very significant that we both had a visit from Genesis in our dreams.

10 years ago today I found out I was pregnant with my first child. With Genesis. Wow. 

Today my BLM new year begins its 10th year.

A decade. 

No wonder my girl decided it was an important time to visit and let me know she is near. 

And now I basically countdown the days till her birthday. 

My god. Where did 10 years go.

I would have a 10 year old. 

I miss her just as much now than ever before.


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