Saturday, October 8, 2016

Walk To Remember 2016

Today was the Walk to Remember. It was the first walk in which I walked for both my girls. It was also N's first walk. As usual, my wonderful brother came with  me to show his support. I am always so moved by his support, and of course so thankful. Also this year there seems to have been some changes in how the walk is run. I really don't care to get into specifics nor do I want to be accused of bashing this organization... but I feel like perhaps this might be the last time I attend this particular walk. Im looking into seeing if any neighboring walks operate the same way. It really is a shame. That's all I have to say about that. 
As far as the actual walk, we had a lovely time. Im almost a decade out from losing Genesis and I def handle these events a lot more different than I used to. I didn't cry. Although when they read a poem and the mother started to cry, It did tug at my heartstrings. I definitely have my arms more full of children than I did before, but thats not to say that they somehow offset the loss of my two daughters. They simply made life a bit sweeter. At any rate, we will see what next years walk holds. Only time will till.


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