Friday, October 7, 2016

A New Chapter

I realize I haven't mentioned this here yet. Last month my husband got a vasectomy.We had been discussing it for some time and agreed this was the right thing for our family. It took forever to finally get it done as we had to jump through a ton of hoops from the insurance. 

Having said that... Im not gonna lie. I have mixed feelings about this.  I mean, Im 100% sure we are done having babies.

Ive grown 6 babies in my womb. Gave birth to 5. Nursed 3. And Im raising 4 kids. Pregnancy isn't easy for me. Its really a horrible time for me physically and going through it while taking care of kids is just impossible. I literally cannot do anything and feel like absolute crud the whole time. I want to finally be done with diapers, and teething, and all the baby stuff and move on to the older kid stuff. I cannot wait until they are all in school,

BUT, there is magic that comes with pregnancy. Its a very beautiful time. Childbirth is absolutely a miraculous moment. Nursing is an incredible bond. And seeing your children grow at home is irreplaceable. 

So although we are done... I will still miss the pregnant belly. I will miss feeling kicks within my womb. I will miss meeting a snuggly newborn for the first time. I will miss that tiny bundle all cozied up and smelling as fresh as could be. I will miss the "goo's" and the "gaa's" and all those cute firsts. But it is on to a new chapter. 


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