Saturday, September 3, 2016

A donation

It's been a loooong time coming. I had been holding on to my wedding dress from my first marriage for way to long. I don't even know why I had it in the closet still. I wore it once. On May 29th, 2004. It has been in my closet ever since. I wish I could show you what it looked like in its entirety but I actually just threw away all my wedding photos. (Yes I JUST got rid of that during the move when I found them.) I however do have this gem. I love this photo because of how good my grandmother, Abilla, looked. This was just before she started to go downhill. But you can see part of the dress.
So with this move it only just gave me more motivation to finally get rid of this "baggage" and release the weight of this... Physically and emotionally. I found an organization that takes donated wedding dresses and makes burial gowns for children out of your dress. I just submitted my donation today.
I love that this is the first thing I'm doing in memory of both Genesis and Exodus. I'm told it takes about 9 months to hear back from them and they will show me just a few items of what the dress was made into. Unfortunately they can't show me everything that was made from it. But they are sharing my email to the family that gets the children's gown and they may choose to reach out to me one day. So although I may have only worn this once, parts of my dress will go to children who will wear it for all eternity. Wow. What an honor to be able to play a small part in this. 


Shauna said...

That is so awesome and a beautiful way for you you to honor Genesis and Exodus <3

Rose and Her Lily said...

How beautiful ❤️

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