Tuesday, August 9, 2016

A wink and a move

We are moving. It was unexpected. It's not ideal. And I'm stressed beyond words. But, I'm choosing to see it as a new chapter and a new beginning. But moving has left me with a mixture of emotions. 

This was the house she was conceived in. The house where she grew in my belly for almost 5 1/2 months. The house that had the nursery that I prepared for her. The same nursery that all my rainbows used. I worked for days, if not weeks, painting that mural. I get signs from her all the time here. I feel her presence. I know the rainbows saw her here when they were babies as they would always be staring off in the distance and smiling at something.... Someone. 

I was worried that leaving this house would be leaving her. I know it probably sounds irrational. But it def was a thought and perhaps a small concern that has popped in my head since I found out we would have to move. 

Well just now I got a wink from Genesis. Since we are moving I have been selling a ton of things online. There is an app called Offer Up that I have been using to get rid of things. Someone just messaged me. Take a look:
Did you see it? The persons name who messaged me is named Genesis. When I went to her profile it shows when she became a user. March. Of all months it could have been... It's March. This is def a sign from her. She's letting me know not to worry. She knows what's going on. She is going with us. She will always be with me. I feel a sense of peace knowing that. Her winks always take my breath away. Thank you baby girl.


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