Friday, May 20, 2016

A surprise trigger

The other day I was watching a movie called The Huntsman: Winters War. Like usual, I was busy at home and missed the beginning but I knew it part of it was about a queen (Emily Blunt) who lost a newborn daughter (she was killed in a fire set on purpose). So I was glad I missed that part but didn't know it would come play a part later on in the movie.
 **spoiler alert**
In the ending of the movie the queen is dying. She's laying on the floor and she turns and looks behind her. She sees herself holding her newborn daughter again. And she smiles even though she's dying. See photo below:
I cannot tell you how this hit me so hard. I'm crying now just looking at the photo. In the movie years and years had passed and yet this was her dying thought. She never forgot her baby. It really hit home with me. Yes I have 4 rainbows to raise and love while I'm here. And yes I am afraid of death. I'm afraid of dying. But I do have one happy aspect of it. I will be reunited with Genesis and Exodus. I will finally get to know my girls. I will never forget her and even if I'm old and grey and have lost my mind... I will think of them on my deathbed knowing I'll be with them so soon. 


Sarita Boyette said...

I know how you feel - I will be reunited with Meredith, too! For us believers, it is something to look forward to. (((HUGS)))

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