Sunday, May 8, 2016

A Magical Mothers Day

This morning when I was doing my workout I opened the door to let in some fresh morning air. Then suddenly I saw something moving by the door. I looked and saw a hummingbird hovering right next to the door. It wasn't flying by. It was stopped in front of our door and hovering for a couple seconds and looking inside. My cat Bailey just happened to be right there as well and was just watching this hummingbird flutter by the doorknob. It was amazing. I just knew it was a wink from Genesis on this Mother's Day. She made it so special. I wasn't quick enough to take a photo as it happened but I got a picture immediately after showing the goosebumps I got in that moment and also where I saw her. 

Speaking of special, it was my first Mother's Day with 4 rainbow babies. It was wonderful. My husband helped the kids buy me a little gift. It was signed by all 6 kids. How beautiful.
And my husband wrote me a very touching post on Facebook. 
He didn't mention Genesis or Exodus my name but he put "ALL" our kids on his post twice and I knew what he meant by it. He mentioned them without mentioning them. And that's ok. The poin is they were included and it meant so much to me. 


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