Sunday, March 13, 2016

She's here

Genesis has been giving me a TON of signs lately. More than usual. And Exodus too!

A couple days ago I saw this pop up on my Instagram feed.
A random person who got s tattoo from a person I follow on Instagram. They got the initials "G" and "E". What are the odds? 

Last night while driving my car I noticed some smudges on the window. This wouldn't have been unusual if it were in the backseat as the kids draw on the windows all the time. But this was on the windshield on the drivers side. My husband happened to be driving and I asked him if he did that. He said no. I know I didn't do it. The kids do not come up to the front so I have no idea how it got there. Ok so here is why it caught my attention. Among the scribbles I noticed letters. The more I looked at it the more letters stood out to me. I took a photo of it but it wasn't a great picture since it was at night and the car was moving. But here is the photo and what I see.
I felt like maybe I was making myself see it. Or was I going crazy or something?? But then others said they say what I saw (I asked online). I also happened to tag a friend on the post to see if he could see it but then thought I was bothering him so I took the tag off. He later messaged me saying he did see the post. He had just gone outside to get his morning paper and saw this.
He knew this was a sign for me. He had to show me. My jaw was on the floor. Also at the time he messaged me I was actually driving... Pulling up to my home to be exact. And I was listening to the radio and this song was one. 

My girls are busy letting me know they are near. This is absolutely incredible. And I was able to place Genesis balloon order today as well. 

Oh and before I forget, I asked my mom if she was busy on Wednesay and she said no why. I said it was Genesis birthday and we are going to go to the park for a balloon release. She just said "oh" with nothing else and didn't even bother to acknowledge it. Sigh. 


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