Monday, March 7, 2016

Goodbye old friend, go play with Genesis

This post is a bit overdue. Back on 1/18/2016 my dog Sushi was put to sleep. I noticed he wasn't acting like himself and he couldn't even walk. I took him to the vet and after a few days of tests and observation they told me he had advanced kidney disease as well as a heart murmur. I had always known about the murmur and it was never an issue. He stopped eating and even with medication and a special diet if he wouldn't eat there was nothing I could do to save him. 

I had Sushi for 13 years. I got him when he was just a puppy. Here is the day I got him.
They told me due to his advance age even with the best of care he probably didn't have long anyway. It was a heartbreaking decision to have made. Sushi was my first child. I had him before I even got married. He even attended my first wedding.
This guy was my everything for a good while. I even bought him little shirts and jackets. Yes I was one of those dog moms. He was with me through my divorce. I remember he would sleep in bed with me when I was all alone and would bring me peace and security. He was there for me through the birth of all my kids. Even Genesis. As I had more and more kids, I obviously got so busy with kids and he dropped in my list of priorities. So he didn't get played with as much. He was no longer allowed to sleep in the bed. He didn't wear his cute outfits anymore. And for that I feel incredibly guilty. 

After we decided to put him down, we all went to say our goodbyes to him. I cried into his soft brown and white fur. I thanked him for all the years he gave me. I told him I'm sorry things changed over the years. More importantly I told him I loved him. I hugged and kissed him. My tears fell into his fur one last time. This was our last photo together. 
The tears still fall for him even as I type this right now. About a week later I got back his ashes, a paw print, a little tag with his name on it and a lock of his fur. This was all that was left of Sushi. 
So why am I posting about Sushi on Genesis blog? Well today I scattered his ashes. This was the final goodbye, I just had to do it before Genesis birthday next week. This is the last photo of Sushi along with some wild flower seeds they sent me to scatter with his ashes. 
I decided the best place to scatter his ashes was at Genesis park. I didn't want to scatter him directly in the Children's  healing and memorial garden because I thought it might be disrespectful to the children who have stones there. But I did scatter his ashes around the garden just a few feet from Genesis stone. If you recall I scattered some of her ashes at her stone a while back. Now both of them are there in this special place. Genesis and Sushi are together. I'd like to think that somewhere they are playing together as I always invisioned they would. I did however scatter the wild flower seeds at Genesis stone. Who knows, maybe I might see some wild flowers blossoming at her stone in the future. But as you can see I had to do this before her birthday next week as it would have made her birthday even harder for me. Rest in peace Sushi. I hope you know how much I love you. Please keep Genesis company. I love you. 


Sarita Boyette said...

So sorry about Sushi. (((HUGS))) WE had our Pom put to sleep in August - she had severe diabetes & other problems. You were sent the sweetest things - I so wish we had thought of fur clippings & paw prints.
This must be so hard for you as Genesis' birthday gets closer. Sending you lots of love & prayers.

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