Friday, December 25, 2015

She knows

Today I had a conversation with my mom. We were taking about loved ones who have passed away and how it's nice for others to acknowledge the ones we lost. Of course Abilla and Genesis were part of this conversation but I also saw the opportunity to tell her about the miscarriage she never knew about. I told her the month before D2 was conceived I had a miscarriage. She sounded sorta sad for me. She asked how far along I was and I told her not far... About 4 weeks. She asked if I had a doctor appointment yet and I told her no, I lost the baby before I could schedule an appointment. She then asked if I was sure I was pregnant and I told her I was. I had several positive pregnancy tests. All different brands and types over the span of a couple days. I told her I was pretty sure it was a girl as my intuition has never been wrong and also I had a dream confirming it about a year after. I told her the dream told me her name too, her name is exodus. She of course had her opinion to share and expressed her dislike for that name. I simply replied with its a biblical name and right next to the book of Genesis which I find fitting. I left it at that. 


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