Saturday, December 5, 2015

Another rainbow

N made it earth side safely and even though I didn't envision an induction for my birth, it was a wonderful birth. N and I are doing great.

I was going to ask to see Genesis room at the hospital but I was too emotional with the impending birth of N so that didn't happen.

Two days ago we happened to be in the area and I took N to visit Genesis stone for the first time. 

I was unexpectedly overcome with emotion. I left in tears. It just really sucks that this is the way my rainbows have to "meet" their big sister. And it only further confirms that it doesn't matter how many kids I have none can or ever will replace her. I still miss her dearly. 

As a side note, not too long ago when I went to visit the garden there was a group of people there doing some project filming something. They even put a sign up to keep people out of the garden. I of course still went to see her stone because it wasn't directly where they were filming but seeing them do that there gave me a bad feeling. Like I wasn't allowed to see my daughter any time I wanted. Well at our last visit I saw this new sign posted.
I guess it was because of that group of people. Glad they put this up. 


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