Tuesday, November 3, 2015

So very close

Hello Novemeber. Usually November is one of those months that I don't really look forward to... It starts my BLM calendar all over again and this Novemeber starts the 9th year for me... But this time it is bittersweet.

N is almost here! My due date is in just a matter of days. The finish line is in sight and I'm so ready to meet her. Today at my doctor appointment I saw the telltale signs that thanksgiving is just around the corner... The day that started it all for me back in 2006. I have both Genesis and N on the mind right now. We even drive past Genesis garden today. I feel bad for not being able to visit her special place for often but she is never far from my mind and heart. 

Even though I'm so close... Just a matter of days from meeting N, I worry something might happen. I get anxious at decreased movements. My mind wonders why labor and delivery will be like. Worried some complication may come up. Something unexpected. I hate how I can't just accept at this point that I will be bringing home a healthy baby girl in a couple weeks. 


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