Thursday, July 9, 2015

The picture I have always wanted

I have been pregnant quite a few times. And with that, I can ask say I have had quite a few ultrasounds through the years. I have always seen these picture perfect ultrasounds of the baby's profile on the Internet and had always longed to get one of my kids. Unfortunately I have never been able to get one. Usually due to the baby's position or the placenta being in the way. One time I think they said I was dehydrated and couldn't get a clear picture. It was just always something. 

Well at my appointment earlier this week at Dr.Devore's office, I mentioned he took a horrible photo. But what I didn't mention is that in addition to the photo his office always gives you a dvd of the entire ultrasound. I was watching the ultrasound at home and was able to take a screenshot at just the perfect moment. And then of course I had to add a little rainbow touch to it haha! 

I finally got the ultrasound I always wanted. 


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