Monday, July 6, 2015

Goodbye Dr. Devore

Once again I had to go to this dreaded place. I woke up anxious and just so nervous. Thank goodness I made the appointment for first thing in the morning so these feelings didn't have to linger all day. 

I felt N kicking all morning, on the drive there and even while waiting for the Dr to enter my room... Yet I have this irrational fear of ultrasounds that as soon as the image comes on the screen that little heard will not be beating. Sigh. I had anxiety attacks all morning and was sick to my stomach over this. 

Thankfully N looks wonderful! Perfectly healthy and apparently she is tall! One thing however I did not appreciate was that for my last two pregnancies they have told me they wild like to do both an abdominal ultrasound and vaginal. I have always declined vaginal without any problem. However today when I did so the Dr asked me why and then proceeded to lecture me as to why he does it. I guess he was expecting me to change my mind after his explanation however I still kindly refused. He left the room a littl abruptly and not so nice not even saying goodbye like always. The one photo he did get for me was awful. He didn't care about the quality of the image, just pushed print to say he gave me something. I hate that. 

Anyway here is that photo:
It's N's face and her little hand is up by her forehead. I have no idea if you can even tell.

Oh well. On to an even bigger milestone. I WILL NEVER HAVE TO SET FOOT IN THAT OFFICE EVER AGAIN. Being that this will be our last child, I do not anticipate ever having to go through this emotional roller coaster ever again. I'm thrilled over that aspect. But it begins a list of "lasts" that inevitably comes with having your last child. 


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