Sunday, July 5, 2015

A rainbow pregnancy

A rainbow pregnancy is a lot of things. Of course it's a time of joy and hope. But it's also a time of fears. Many many fears. I'm sure any BLM who has had a rainbow can agree.

There is a milestone of small accomplishments that start right from the beginning. First seeing that positive test. Then hoping the test gets darker. Then the missed period. Then making to the first appointment and seeing the heartbeat. For me what follows is making sure each appointment a heartbeat is found. Testing all clear for neural tube defects. And then of course making it to term, labor, birth and beyond.

Of course there are a million fears all through each of those milestones. We have all asked ourselves these questions. 

How come I'm not nauseous? I hope the baby is ok.

Ugh I'm so so sick... I hope the baby is ok.

In the event you get injured, you wonder if anything happened to the baby.

I can't find the heartbeat on the Doppler, I hope the baby is ok. 

I haven't felt any kicks today... Or not as often, I hope the baby is ok.

The baby is so active, I hope it's ok. 

As you can see its one thing or another. Always.

I hear so many false theories, some even my OB has said that just make me shake my head. 

I've heard the sicker you are with nausea the healthier the baby is. NOT TRUE. I was the sickest with Genesis and obviously she was not well. Likewise with G I didn't have one day of morning sickness and she was perfectly fine. So you just can't base it off that. 


At the end of the day of you are really concerned, all your OB. Issues with movement, I would just go in and get checked out. But as far as old wives tales... Try not to pay them any mind. Do what brings you comfort and what will get you through each day. 

For me I'm currently dealing with concerned with days with less movement. I realize I'm probably just not paying attention and don't feel those little kicks but it still worries me. What brings me comfort is my Doppler. Nothing helps me breath easy better than hearing that little heartbeat.


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