Wednesday, June 3, 2015

A new look

The blog has had a little change thanks to Fran at Small Bird Studios. This is why my header looked like before:
And here is after the update:
It's about time I signified the rainbows I have had after the storm.

I'm not sure if I have gone into detail about the header.  The clouds and the crystal raindrops obviously signify the storm of losing Genesis. The flowers are dandelions and Chinese magnolia. Dandelions have always been a figurative representation of child loss to me. So delecate... Here one minute, and gone the next. And Chinese magnolias have ways been a favorite of mine. Dragonflies because that was what her nursery was decorated with and so I always associated them with her... Although over time Genesis has shown me that hummingbirds are her thing. Maybe one day I'll add one to the blog, we will see. Also among the clouds you will see two clouds that have text placed behind the fluffy clouds. I made those myself. They are photo copies of my bible. One is Genesis 3:16 (her birthday) which coincidentally speaks of childbirth and the other is a scripture which speaks of the paradise hope I have for seeing Genesis again. The "i" in her name, as well as the background for the blog is her birthstone, aquamarine. The weeping willow has always been one of my favorite trees and just seemed appropriate for her blog. And of course a photo of her sweet little feet. And her name as it appears on the blog header is exactly the tattoo I have on my left thigh. 

So there you have the story behind my header.


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