Friday, May 15, 2015

And I'm back

I had my first appointment with Dr. Devore. It wasn't the big appointment to make sure the baby didn't have anencephaly. This appointment was to scan for any signs of Downs. 
Yup. I was sitting in this same horrible waiting room once again. I've done this so many times you would think that I'd be used to it by now. Nope. Not the case at all. This place gives me anxiety just thinking about it. 

As I was waiting in my room I looked up at the monitor wondering what news it was going to share in the next few minutes. My heart was beating out of my chest.
To my shock Dr. Devore walked in to preform my ultrasound. With all my other rainbows it has always been another doctor, I always thought one of his aons, or at least someone else helping him with his practice. But no, this time it was actually him. I haven't seen him in over 8 years. The last time I saw him he told me Genesis was going to die. I cannot tell you the panic that went through my mind. To make matters worse Marlon could not be there with me. So I had to deal with all this on my own. 

Then he started the scan. I got to see my precious rainbow. 
And I even got some 4d pictures too.
By the end of the scan he told me everything looked good and there weren't any red flags or indicators. We are just waiting for an official result from the state. They will take the ultrasound into consideration and a blood draw I did a few weeks ago. I feel good about this test.

I also think the risk of anencephaly is low because as you can see the head looks quite round, so that's comforting.


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