Monday, April 13, 2015

Baby #5, Rainbow Baby #4

Since the cat is out of the bag, I would like to formally introduce rainbow #4! Last week we got to see our tiny baby for the first time and see that beautiful heartbeat! 
I have to tell you, this pregnancy has been by far the toughest so far. And I don't believe it's the actual pregnancy. Being pregnant I'm sure you already know the mamas immune system is compromised and more suseptable to sickness. Well since the very beginning of ttc, tww and conception, I had been sick with a nasty cold. I had symptoms for weeks and finally got over it around 4 weeks pregnant. A few days later I got ill again. This time VERY ill. I had super high fevers of 102 and 103 for 4 days. The chills, sweats and vomiting were getting to be too much so I went to the urgent care and was misdiagnosed. Basically I was told nothing was wrong just a minor infection. The next day I got even worse and went to the ER. I was diagnosed with strep that had turned to pneumonia. I got placed on the meds I needed and within a few days I felt so much better. However, by the time I finished my medication a few days later a new sever symptom popped up. 

Debilitating chest/ back pain. It felt like I was having a heart attack. It was worse when laying down. And only on my right side. Breathing hurt. Moving hurt. It was terrible. After suffering with this every evening for 4 days I went back to the urgent care. They did an EKG to test to see if it was my heart. It wasn't. They did an x ray (baby was protected) to see if my pneumonia was still there. It wasn't. They did blood tests but o never got any sort of results back. The doctor told me he suspected a blood clot but they didn't have the equipment to test and wanted me to go to the ER for a CAT scan. Like are you kidding me? CAT scans have 100 times more radiation than x rays. I left the urgent care and consulted with my OB. She and I agree that the it doesn't actually sound like I have a blood clot. If they seriously suspected that they wouldn't have discharged me. They would have transferred me by ambulance to the ER. She told me it sounds like my gallbladder and gave me a few tips to help treat it. I did some homework and the more I find the more I agree with her that it's my gallbladder. So I have some testing to do, changes in my diet to make and we will see what happens.

This has been so difficult for me so far. Physically. And even emotionally. I think  I'm more scared in this rainbow pregnancy than I was for the others. I'm not sure why. Although pregnancy is miserable for me, especially this time around, it's totally worth it and I do know how blessed I am. I pray that this little baby make it safe and sound in November. 

But this pregnancy has opened my eyes that in older now and my body responds differently than it had in the past. It's much harder. And I have 3 kids now to run after and deal with pregnancy. It's exhausting. As each week passes by I think I'm beginning to realize that more than likely this will be our last baby. It's a hard pill to swallow but I just can't keep going through this. We shall see though. A lot can change in the next few months and years. 


Jmurphy said...

Hi. This is totally random but I used to read your blog a lot and just came back today. I saw your post regarding Alicia Keyes naming her son Genesis, which struck me for some reason when I read your most recent post about rainbow #4. I just went to her Instagram page. Just a few days ago she posted a picture of a beautiful dragonfly ring. I have no idea why I feel compelled to tell you that, but I feel it's a wink to you. I'm sorry if this is too weird, but like I said I felt really compelled to let you know. :)

Tiffany said...

Thanks so much! Not weird at all! Hey maybe it is a wink :) thank you for sharing <3

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