Sunday, March 29, 2015

Something odd

Something odd happened on Genesis birthday. My dad was out with my mom and sister in the evening and he called me from his cell phone. We had this exchange:

My dad: Hi Tiffany, you didn't happen to call me just now from our home phone did you?

Me: Call you? No. 

My dad: You're not at our house right now?

Me: No, why?

My dad: Do you know if your brother is home?

Me: No he's not home. No one is home.

My dad: What? Really? 

Me: Yeah why?

My dad: I just got a missed call from our home number on my cell phone. I called back and no one answered. Can you check the house to make sure we kicked all the doors and no one is there?

Me: sure

I proceeded to wak around the entire house (I live next door) and check all the doors and even look inside through the windows. All doors locked and no one was home. 

I called back and spoke to my sister and told her everything was locked and how could this happen. She was stunned and confused. I knew what it was. I told her too. I said you may not believe me but I know it's Genesis. Weird unexplainable stuff always happens around her birthday. This has got to be her. As soon as I said that she passed it off and went on to change the whole story entirely that there was no call and whatever. She can say what she wants I know it was her. 


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