Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Genesis sent a surprise for her birthday

By the time this gets posted some time will have already passed. We are keeping this hush hush for now. Four days ago I saw this 
A very faint line

I bought a first response and got this 
I was only 9 dpo so light is expected. Here is edited to better show the line. 
She's definitely pink. This was confirmed 3 days ago, March 13th... Friday the 13th. Just days before Genesis 8th birthday. I thought how amazing this would be! Finding out just before her birthday! I already looked it up, my due date is 11/24/15. A Thanksgiving baby. Thanksgiving... The day I found out I was pregnant with Genesis. Wow. Its almost too perfect. Like coming full circle. But then I tested 2 days ago and got this:
A second line but much lighter than yesterday's. Here are the two side by side for comparison.
I initially assume this was going to end as a chemical pregnancy once again just because the line seemed much lighter. Right away I already started to mourn for this baby thinking I was going to lose it. But then I got to thinking and realized how many variables there were that could have affected that test. 

I've been steadily testing with various brands and that second line seems to be getting darker. This was yesterday's test at 11 dpo.
That line is definitely making me more confident. So confident I bought a digital and tested today, Genesis birthday. These are the results. 
Do you see that?
The 1-2 means 1-2 weeks since ovulation so that means today I am 3-4 weeks. If you calculate based on my cycle I'm exactly 3 weeks and 6 days pregnant. Wow!

I'm just so surprised. I mean we were trying to get pregnant but I never thought it would happen as fast as it did. Two tries. Just like with D2. I'm getting girly vibes from this one. I hope I'm right. 

So without further adieu, I bring to you the missing aka secret photos we took at Genesis Garden for her 8th birthday.

From De Leon baby #5, Rainbow Baby #4


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