Monday, March 16, 2015

8 years

Yesterday was Genesis' 8th birthday. 

Im still trying to wrap my head around how it has been 8 years. 

In the weeks leading up to her birthday I have been greeted and surprised by many winks. Including rainbows in a rainless sky on multiple occasions.

This was the first time her birthday was during the week and the rainbows have been in school. Also my brother and sister, who usually come, now are working and also had to work that day. As for my mom and dad... well Id rather not really go into too much detail but my mom recently attempted suicide again. This was mid February. She was hospitalized for almost a month. And well... lets just say the time has finally come to draw the line in the sand. And so there isn't much of a relationship there anymore. So I didn't expect them to come, and they didn't. Nor was there any mention from anyone about her or that they remembered. 

So anyway, this birthday was pretty much just our family. We made an afternoon out of it after the kids got out of school. Here are some of the photos from her special day. 

Oh and would like to add that this is the first birthday she has had since the adoption, so this year and every year moving forward we will recognize her as Genesis Magali De Leon.
{And a special thank you to my boyfriend in law (brothers boyfriend) David for helping take photos}
                           Started off the day with wearing my Genesis bracelet and my "G" urn necklace with her ashes
                        8 flowers for 8 years
  8 balloons for 8 years
                       Walking to her stone we captured this shot. I can't help but think she was there with us.
Her special day
Me & my big girl
Mommy & Daddy with Genesis
Our newest family photo. Of course there were more but for privacy this is the only one Ill be sharing.
From G
From D
From Daddy
From Mommy
From D2
And then of course we send up our messages to Genesis in our annual balloon release.

As always, I left her one flower
And I brought the rest home with me
After our visit to the park my brother came over briefly after work and gave me a hug. I knew that he remembered and wished he could be there. But aside from that no one really made any mention of it of public statement about it. 

This was my message to the world:

Until next year my love.


Hannah Rose said...

Such a special birthday for Genesis this year! <3

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