Saturday, February 14, 2015


I had a parent teacher conference at G's school yesterday. This was waiting in the hallway to greet me.


At the end of our conference the teacher suddenly told me this:

Teacher: G told me that her middle name 'Genesis' is named after her sister.
Me: Yes. Her big sister.
Teacher: That's a beautiful name

At this pint G and D2 were being fussy and the conversation didn't continue but she knows D as he used to be in her class too and she has seen me bring in D2 all the time. I'm not sure if she knows the story behind Genesis. G doesn't recall if she told her or not. But I'm glad it didn't put me in an awkward conversation.

In other news G just told D that she doesn't like it when D forgets Genesis. At times he forgets to draw her in our family pictures. D says he promises to never forget. I hope so.


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