Sunday, February 1, 2015

Genesis Magali De Leon

January 30th, 2015

This was one of he most important days for my family and I. D & G's adoption became finalized his day.

For those new readers or those who may have forgotten the dynamics of our family, D & G were children from my first marriage. My husband Marlon legally adopted them. It's been a long and bumpy process, but we made it and it was so worth it! The kids had been asking with anticipation how long until we all have the same last name and now that day has finally come. 

I wasn't too sure how I would react in the courtroom. My first thought though was how happy I was for D & G. But Genesis wasn't far from my mind either. After all had she been here, she would have been adopted too. My way of having her there was wearing my Genesis bracelet.
When we went inside for our turn the judge made some small talk with the kids aking them their name and age just to make them comfortable. She asked them to wak to the back of the room to a table and for each of them to pick out a teddy bear. At this point my eyes got a little misty but I was able to keep things under control.
Then the judge swore us in and had us sign a bunch of papers. She then asked Marlon a couple questions and then came the time to finalize everything. She stated "These children shall be know as 'D' De Leon & 'G' De Leon from this day forward."
The judge of course says their whole names including middle names. As she was saying their names I felt the tears fill my eyes. When she got to G's name and said her middle name... Which is Genesis, the tears just started falling. Genesis. Her name was said in the courthouse on adoption day. It was a reminder of what should have been. Made me really miss her. And being that her birthday is coming up really soon I'm already emotional about her so this really made me sad. Talk about a combination of feelings. 

As we were walking out of the courthouse Marlon tells me "Look!" I look to where he is pointing and a pink headed hummingbird is flying right in front of us. Just hovering. My brother got this photo just as she started to fly by.
She's right in the center of the photo. I just knew it was her way of sending me a wink that she was there with us in spirit and knew this would have been her day too. It was a cloudy day with light drizzle and it was odd to see a hummingbird out. 
I just had to have a photo of all their bears together when I got home. And the. Of course another one representing all the De Leon kids.
Genesis Magali De Leon <3


Malory said...

How wonderful for your family!

May I ask where you got that beautiful bracelet?

Tiffany said...

Thank you! I got it from and had it specially designed.

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