Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Some AMAZING news!

As I look back on my blog I don't think I formally mentioned when my husband and I got married. We got married 8/11/2013. What would have been Abilla's birthday. It was our way of having her at the wedding.  We also included Genesis in a couple different ways.

First, of course, I wore my Genesis bracelet. And my husband wore clover cufflinks since clovers remind me of her. I thought it was really touching that he wanted to do something too. I doubt anyone really noticed, but we did it for ourselves. And mostly for her.

And lastly we included her by having a balloon there that represented her. Of course D2 was in my belly here. So in a way all 4 of the kids were with us on this amazing day. The reason I bring this is up that as many of you know Marlon isn't D or G's biological father. My ex husband is. We knew that Marlon was going to adopt my kids one day but didn't know when as it is a very costly process and it takes a very long time from what we were told.

Well, we were blessed to have been gifted the funds to start the process of the stepparent adoption by my mother. We started the process last June and we were told it would take about a year to complete. We wanted to do this ASAP as we wanted Marlon to have all the rights as the kids legal father in the event something happened to me. You just never know what will happen. So we wanted to take care of this right away.

Well after jumping through hoops for months we finally have a final hearing date set for the end of the month! 
That's right! By the end of the month we will all have the same last name and Marlon will legally be their father. I cannot tell you how happy we are. The kids have been asking about this for a very long time. And I am thrilled to be able to give this to them so soon. 

As the news hit me about this happening, I realized it was an end of an era. The era with my ex husband. Sure we had gone our separate ways long ago. We had cut 99% of ties but this one thing always kept us connected. I hated it. It's the first time that I will be rid of him completely in over 10 years. Its a huge weight lifted off my shoulders and truly the beginning of the rest of our lives together. The more I thought about it though, I realized if Genesis were here this would have been her big day too. Genesis Magali De Leon. Saying that name, saying it out loud brings tears to my eyes. She should be here for this. Im sure she would be just as excited about it as the rainbows are. We are planning a party to celebrate as well. Complete with bounce house and cake. I had planned to put 4 candles on the cake to represent the 4 De Leon kids. This is my way of incorporating her into our celebration. Sigh. Such a happy event but again I just wish she were here to celebrate as well. Her 8th birthday is also quickly approaching which makes me a bit sadder too. Sigh. 

What should have been.

Which also makes we wish we could change her last name from Lopez to De Leon on the stone in Garfield Park. But I doubt that is possible.


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