Tuesday, April 29, 2014

She went and did it again

Last week a friend of mine told me about a contest being held by the Facebook page for Return To Zero (a lifetime movie staring Minnie Driver, about stillbirth) I thought 'what the heck have I got to loose' and decided to go ahead and enter. Though mind you I figured there was not a chance for me to ever win. I even told this friend "dude, if I win, it has got to be Genesis doing." 

Well, you guessed it. I got this notification on Sunday:
I am one of the winners! I can't believe I'm going to a red carpet premiere! Unbelievable! I will most certainly post all about it after I go. The premiere is this Thursday evening! I cannot wait! 

I am worried though about crying like a baby through the movie and of course if Genesis comes up in convo I'm sure the tears will flow. Somehow I need to keep it in check.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Not the same as before

My hubby and I watched a movie the other night. I'm sure you have hear of it. Face off with nick cage and john travolta. This has been part of my movie collection for years and I had always enjoyed watching it. However this particular movie I had not watched in years. So Marlon and I thought it would be nice to watch it. 

Everything was going well until the movie actually started and then I remembered. I remembered the opening scene. Yes, the scene where the police officers son gets murdered. 
Yes. It hit too close to home. I had to look away. I did however appreciate how the caption after the intro scene says "6 years later" and here you see a father still mourning. It correctly captures how long this can affect parents. 

There were a few scenes that gave me reactions I didn't expect. Like the scene where a criminal tells the father "how's your dead son?" The cop drew his gun and wanted to shoot him. I completely related to the character.

Then when he agreed to go through with the procedure to take his face off, he asked the surgeon to put back the scar that he had from the day his son was murdered. Again I completely understood this and appreciated that this was included. 

However, at the end of the movie they take in a boy who would then become a son to them. He looked very similar to the son they lost and was about the age he was when he died. I know many a blm including myself who imagine life with our child back to get a glimpse of what life should have been like. However in this movie it was like they were replacing one child with another. So much so that they went as far as the father telling the surgeon that he didn't need the scar back after all. This only feeds into the misconception out there when people say "don't worry, you will have another one." Children do not replace children. 

This is just another movie that I feel I am seeing again for the first time through a new set of eyes.
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