Tuesday, October 7, 2014

A wink

We visited Genesis' park today (you can tell from my previous post) and while we were there I was thinking it had been too long since we were there last. Genesis' birthday was the last time and D2 was a newborn so a little over 6 months ago. D2 was so little he didn't really get to see or know the park or her garden so today that's what he was doing. 
It felt great to be there. We had a picnic lunch there and just enjoyed the garden. And Marlon and I were talking about how he is her dad too. And unfortunately because the big kids were in school we only took D2. And I was thinking...
The baby and the oldest meeting. Sigh...

Anyway, a couple hours after we got home Marlon got a notification on an app that he has on his phone. He plays some video game and this is what popped up as soon as he opened the app:
Wow. He came to me and told me "Babe I just got a wink!" Seriously amazing! "GENESIS NEEDS YOU" wow. I think she must have appreciated the visit today.

And at dinner evidently my fortune cookie agreed that a visit to her park was needed. 


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