Friday, September 5, 2014

A wink on a 4th birthday

I was browsing through Instagram and this photo popped up in my feed.
This gorgeous little boy is named Ryan Cruz. Apparently he passed away and today was supposed to be his 4th birthday. @babyboybakery is the username for his moms Instagram account and through some browsing it seems he passed away in may I believe. From what I have read he got hit by a car while running into the street after a frisbee. Poor thing. Apparently red balloons are his thing... This the hashtag #redballoonsforryan while browsing that hashtag I came across this photo:
Do you know why I posted this? That stone and those plants were all too familiar. It hit me immediately without a doubt in my mind. This little boys name was added to a stone in the children's healing and memorial garden in Garfield park in south Pasadena. Genesis garden. Wow. What are the odds. I know I will find his name next time I go and leave a flower. 


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