Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A complete family

Yesterday for the first time ever took family pictures with Genesis. 

Let me explain.

Anytime I like to include her in our photos I usually wear a piece of jewelry that reminds me of her. My Genesis bracelet or my "G" urn necklace. But this session was different. We did something thay I had been longing to do for quite some time. It was the first time (not the last) that we included Genesis in our photos by having her Genesis Bear (from Molly Bears) with us in the photos. I saw some of the pictures on the photographer camera and it brought a tear to my eyes. To see th kids snuggling up to her and even having Marlon hold her was amazing to me. My family is as complete as it will ever be. 

I wore this to the shoot:
The shorter necklace was a necklace Marlon bought me. It's a rainbow moonstone. Fitting: rainbow. And the longer one is my "G" urn necklace for Genesis. Genesis and my rainbows. I thought it was perfect. 


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