Sunday, May 11, 2014

A year ago today

Last Mother's Day I got an amazing gift. I got a bfp on a pregnancy test. Though very light, it was most definitely there. I continued to get a faint positive the next day. Then all of a sudden I got my period. It was over before it began. 

Like I mentioned before, I'm not too sure how to react to this type of loss. Today while browsing Facebook and saw someone post a bfp and that's how I remembered. Had I not seen that, I think it would have slipped my mind completely. When I remembered it instantly brought tears to my eyes... An unexpected reaction. Of course the following month I would get my next bfp which would result in my third rainbow D2. But if she had made it to term (remember the medium said it was a girl) she would be nearing 4 months. Sigh. 

I'll never know for sure but the what if is definitely there. But of course if she made it D2 wouldn't be here. Sigh.


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