Wednesday, May 21, 2014

A dream

Last night I had one of those rare dreams about Genesis. She was perfectly formed in my dream, her little head was closed. She was sill the same size but slightly plumper. She wasn't bruised on her head like I saw her. She was perfect like a porcelain doll. Although the odd thing was that she had long hair. Like picture a Barbie doll. That kind of length and it was brown. She had already passed away and she was laying in a little bin much like my mom told me about yesterday. But there was water in there too. Not a lot, but some. I'm not sure who I was talking to but we were discussing taking photos with her from NILMDTS. The odd thing was that she wasn't freshly born. It was still 7 years out and apparently I had been paying monthly for the mortuary to keep her preserved. I remember telling my mom I regretted not taking photos when she was born and now was my chance to take the pictures as a family. And that I can't pay forever for the mortuary or morgue to keep her there. I remember admiring her beauty while in the bin and she started to move. But somehow I knew she was not alive. It was amazing seeing her move though. Sigh. 


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