Tuesday, April 29, 2014

She went and did it again

Last week a friend of mine told me about a contest being held by the Facebook page for Return To Zero (a lifetime movie staring Minnie Driver, about stillbirth) I thought 'what the heck have I got to loose' and decided to go ahead and enter. Though mind you I figured there was not a chance for me to ever win. I even told this friend "dude, if I win, it has got to be Genesis doing." 

Well, you guessed it. I got this notification on Sunday:
I am one of the winners! I can't believe I'm going to a red carpet premiere! Unbelievable! I will most certainly post all about it after I go. The premiere is this Thursday evening! I cannot wait! 

I am worried though about crying like a baby through the movie and of course if Genesis comes up in convo I'm sure the tears will flow. Somehow I need to keep it in check.


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