Saturday, March 1, 2014

Special mail

A dear blm friend sent me some mail. It was a rather thick envelope so I was curious as to why. When I opened it there were three envelopes inside. Each addressed to different people.

The first was a card for my family and I congratulating us on our newest rainbow, D2. So very thoughtful.

The second card was this one:
A card addressed to me, remembering my sweet Genesis this month as she turn as 7 again, I'm amazed that she remembers the details of so many blms and their babies. It's truly touching.

And the last was as follows:
She saw this card and thought it was beautiful especially because of the rainbow. I agree with her. This card is stunning! The photo does not do it justice. I usually keep all blm on my blessing ring but this may have to go in Genesis' scrapbook. 

I cannot even put into words how much I appreciate not only blm mail, but anyone who remembers my girl.


Hannah Rose said...

Hey Tiffany, would you please email me your mailing address to I have something I'd like to send you for Genesis' birthday. :)

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