Saturday, March 29, 2014

Something odd

I'm from SoCal so earthquakes are nothing new. But ever since the quake that hit the day after Genesis birthday, I have felt like there was more to come. We were hit yesterday evening with a large quake. 5.1 just after 9pm. I still had the feeling something bigger was on its way. Since last night we have had hundreds of aftershocks. Some we felt, some we didn't. Still, I had a feeling the worst was yet to come. Just now we has another sort of large one. A 4.1. I cannot shake the feeling we are in for something even bigger. Ever since the northeidge quake of 1994 I have had a fear of big quakes. But even then I never had the feeling I have now. I can't explain it. I feel we should get emergency supplies and whatnot. 


KnottedFingers said...

*big hugs* I'm praying! Please keep us updated and get more emergency supplies!

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