Friday, February 7, 2014

Daily triggers

I see the above add often and many like it. There are a few lines that pull at my heart strings. Like the child saying their sister died. Or the old man saying how horrible it is for a mother to lose another child. Of course when they show this sweet girls face I think of Genesis. Not sure why. 

Which leads me to some horrible news I heard yesterday. A blm I don't know had her 2 year old daughter die 18 months ago while she was pregnant with her son.  I don't know all the details but apparent her daughter had a head injury and it causes fatal brain damage. Prior to thay I believe she had one or more miscarriages. This poor mama in the last day or so had another tragedy strike their family. Apparently their now 1 year old son was climbing on the dresser and knocked it and the tv over crushing him. Sadly he passed away. I cannot even fathom. She lost two children. In less than 2 years. She has no living children now. I am at a loss for words. I don't understand why this keeps happening and to families who have already survived the unthinkable. And to be hit my tragedy again??? I don't think I could survive it. I have a hard time understanding why things happen. What's the purpose of it all. I hate where my mind goes. But seriously, what is going on?

Makes me hug my kids a little bit tighter. Kiss them a little bit longer. Take a few more pictures than I had planned. Tell them I love you every chance I get. Tomorrow is not promised.

And though D2 is nearly here, again I'm not confident enough to say that I know he is coming home with us. He scares me daily with lack of movements. I worry about everything. I need him to make it here safe and sound. When the worries hit my head my mind wanders to that place that fears having to plan another child's funereal. Sigh.

And I came across this picture on Facebook:
Seeing these sisters made me think of Genesis and G and how they should be taking such adorable pics.

The life I lead, though very blessed and happy most of the time, has me living the "what should of beens" and day dreams of a life that the course of life did not take me down. 


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