Saturday, February 8, 2014

Another confession

After Genesis died I was determined that I was going to have another baby one way or another. As I've mentioned before I insisted on finishing the nursery though I was no longer pregnant. Even after D was born I bought little girl clothes for the daughter I hoped I would have one day.

Another one of the things I did in hopes of having a daughter was buy this:
This is a handmade reversible doll. One look on one side and another on the other side. I saw this online and just knew I had to have it for my daughter. I had it sitting in a box for the longest and now it's one of G's favorite dolls. Although it was not bought for Genesis, I still think if her when I see this doll. G has insisted on sleeping with it pretty much every night. 

And I saw this message today on Instagram: 
I think it is important to focus on the rainbow but never to forget the storm. The storm gave you the strength to stay long enough to see the rainbow. And without the storm there would be no rainbow. I enjoy the rainbows but look back at the storm and always remember.


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