Sunday, February 23, 2014

A rainbow and getting closer

Well I am happy to announce that D2 made his grand appearance into the world last week. We had a couple of scares through labor and delivery but I'm happy to say we are all doing well now. All I could think about when the rainbows met their new baby brother was that there should be four of them here getting to know each other. 

I saw this on Facebook and thought it totally applied to me since Genesis birthday is right before St. Patricks day.
This is Genesis' first birthday that D2 will be joining us for. It's amazing that I'm now taking 3 rainbows to Genesis' Park this year. 

Also I got a card in the mail today:
I love this wonderful friend of mine. She always always always remembers Genesis. This was the fist card I got for D2 so far (from friends or family) and I bet you it will be the only one to remember Genesis. 

I did however get one other card from my wonderful husband. Where he thanked me for giving him the gift of our son and he told me he loved all 4 of the kids. So amazing.

And lastly today on a car ride home I told G "so now we are a family of 5, right?" She replied "right." But then D chimed in from the backseat and said "No mommy. We are a family of 6. You forgot Genesis." He stopped me in my tracks and totally made me cry. I was so happy. I said "yes you are right. We are a family of 6. I love that you remember her. I hope you always do." He replied "I will always remember Genesis." Seriously... Tears.


Shauna said...

Congratulations! <3

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TanaLee Davis said...

congrats! May your family continue to grow with love and happiness. <3

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