Saturday, February 1, 2014

A mixed post

A few random things to blog about.

This last week I took my maternity photos. They came out great. I had planned to wear the new urn necklace I got to incorporate Genesis in our family photo. Only I forgot to put it on! I didn't remember until we got to the location of the shoot. I was very disappointed in myself. As we took the photos I couldn't help but think of her and how this was another opportunity missed. Another family event that she should have been at.

When I posted some of the pics on Facebook a couple days later one of my blm friends claimed to see Genesis in one photo. She didn't see her fully but like her outline. She doesn't claim to have any abilities and was so surprised at what she saw. She said this had never happened before but she felt compelled to tell me. I told her about how I forgot the necklace and she told me "you didn't need to wear it because she was there!" That made me happy. Though I cluslnt really see what she saw it brought me comfort.

Fast forward to yesterday and a totally different topic. Once again in a conversation with my moms grand kids were brought up and she said "I can't believe I have 6 grandkids now." Um no mom. You mean 7. She forgot Genesis. Again. I don't understand why. She counts D2 who isn't even born yet but she won't count Genesis who was born nearly 7 years ago. Sigh.


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