Saturday, February 15, 2014

A confession and a bit offended

When I got pregnant with D2 I just asked my family not really to tell my extended family in Fresno. I did this for personal reasons that Im not going to mention here. I guess they were going to find out sooner or later anyway, but I just wanted to have peace as long as I could. Turns out my mom spilled the beans last week to my uncle. Again, they were going to find out eventually, so I guess that was ok but my mom was very vague and even hinted that there may be some pregnancy problems and the baby may be here early (not sure why as I never asked her to say that). She didnt even say that she knew how far along I was or what my due date was. She sort of played stupid. My uncle and aunt actually came today to visit and saw that I was VERY pregnant. They were shocked. My mom tried to play the dumb card again because it was pretty obvious she held this information from them. I tried to play along as much as I could saying well we didnt want to announce it from the beginning because you never know what will happen or whatever.... but then my mom jumps in saying "Well last month (my 8th month) it was a threatened miscarriage so they didnt know what was going to happen." Im sorry but this totally offended me on so many levels. First of all, she of all people should know a loss this late would be a stillbirth not a miscarriage. Second, dont you dare lie about my child possibly dying to cover your ass. I quickly stopped her and said no that was never the case at all. When I told them my due date, my mom acted so surprised saying "oh you just found out?!" Puleeeze mom. You have known the whole time. She hasn't cared about this pregnancy or D2 or me at all. And the whole time my aunt and uncle were there she kept asking me how I feel and how am I doing and hows the baby. Im so hurt and offended. I want to call her out on it but I dont want to stress myself out this close to the end of the pregnancy. Plus I know she will probably go crazy and try to OD again if I say anything. I just cant believe she went there.


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