Monday, January 6, 2014

The most amazing wink!

So my hubby takes G to school on his days off and most of the time they get their a bit early and they have to wait in the car until its time to go in. 

Usually G likes to get out of her seat and sit in the front with daddy and play games with him until its time to go. This is a typical thing for them. 

So one typical day, they are waiting in the car as usual. I don't know what day exactly this was but it was several weeks ago. And while she was up in the front playing with daddy he took some pictures of her (yes she loves to ham up the camera haha!). So he took some pics and forgot about them.

That is until yesterday. He was going through is photos on his phone and came across a photo that made him do a double take. He showed it to me and I also was left in awe looking at this photo.

This picture seems to have captured something. Now I know G was moving in the picture so it was blurry. And I know there is probably some sort of "photographical explanation"(is that a word?)with exposure or who knows what… But I have to tell you the first thing my mind and heart said was "this is a wink." Now I don't want to make every thing a possible sign. I don't want to make signs. They should just come to me and be evident. And Im pretty sure this one was. I shared it with a few friends and BLM groups and everyone saw the same thing.

Ok so what did we see? We saw a picture of a baby in the photo with G. And it appeared that the baby was kissing her. 

Now I have gone back and forth on weather or not I want to post this photo on the blog, because many of you know I do not post photos of my rainbows on here. However this is a big enough wink that I feel I need to share it and document it here on the blog. I have however, taken precautions and edited G's face as much as I could (NOT INCLUDING THE FACE OF THE BABY. THAT I DID NOT TOUCH)and watermarked the photo so no one can claim it as their own.

So with that, take a look at what was sent to us:

Incredible isn't it? After letting it sink in for a day or so I truly feel this is most definitely a wink. And Mr.M got this wink directly, not me. So this proves to me that she knows who her daddy is and also showed us that she is ever so present in our lives. Even showing her sister some love in this picture. Its just amazing.


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