Wednesday, January 8, 2014

And its gone

Remember this post about me having to get rid of the crib? Well after several weeks it finally sold. 

Last night I handed over the crib, piece by piece to a new wonder. I gazed at it sort of remembering the day I bought this for our first baby. The baby that would never get to use it.

I remember how it never even got taken out of the box before she died. How it sat in the box for several weeks until I decided I was going to get the nursery ready for a rainbow. I was determined. I remember the emotion that went into putting that crib together and getting the nursery finished. 

I flashed back to having my rainbows use it here and there as babies. Playing in there. Sleeping at times in there. And eventually getting so big that they would climb over the bars. 

I flashed back to D using it as a toddler bed when he became a big boy. And how proud I was that he was sleeping in his own bed. Sleeping through the night. Seeing him grow.

I got some good use out of that crib. Although one child did miss out on ever using it. 

But it is time to let it go. 

It had to be done.

The little money I got for it helps as well.

We don't have the room for it either.

And emotionally… I think I was ready to let it go too. Still a bit sad. Made me nostalgic but like I said.

It was time.

So goodbye to another little piece of what was meant for Genesis. I still have the memories. 


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