Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A wink at the right time

I've been meaning to post this for a bit but things have been busy. 

I had previously mentioned that the little pink hummingbird that used to visit me often had gone. 

A few weeks ago I heard her familiar chirping but only this time she seems to be living in a different tree down the street. But still close enough where I could hear her. However I never saw her.

Today I heard her much closer and saw her in the old tree that she used to near in. I had been hearing her for a good portion of the morning and so finally I decided to walk outside and just enjoy her chirping.

No sooner than I walked outside she flew out of the tree and flew right by me. I had my phone and was able to snap a few pictures. And sure enough I saw that bright pink head. 
In the photo in the upper right hand corner you can see the tree she came from and eventually flew back into. And to the right you will see the spot that used to have the old tree where she used to perch on.

It certainly made my day.

I really needed a good wink and my girl knew I did. 

I had an appointment yesterday at the dr to check on D2 and while I was in the waiting room the receptionist answered the phone on speaker phone and I heard that it was a mortuary calling. Not just any mortuary. THAT mortuary. Genesis' mortuary. The lady on the phone was asking for my dr because she needed more information on "the cause". I instantly knew what they were talking about. A baby had died. And they needed more information about the cause of death. It took me right back to that day. I really didn't like hearing this while I was waiting. 


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