Saturday, January 25, 2014

A dream and another anniversary

I had a dream last night of the pink headed hummingbird. Marlon and I were on the balcony of our home and she flew right up to us. Our door was open and she kept flying very close to it. I was afraid she might get in the house. So I went inside and closed the door so she couldn't get in. I cracked open the door and she was flying right up to the crack. Staying right there. She was trying to get inside. I kept trying to gently nudge her away but she kept coming back. She moved up and down the whole crack tying her hardest. I finally placed my hand in front of her and opened the door. She flew right into my hand and let me hold her. It was amazing. I just knew it was Genesis behind this amazing event. She was gorgeous with her brilliant pink head. She was calm and just loved being held. I remember how small she was and how soft she felt. For a moment I wanted to keep her but remembered that hummingbirds cannot live in captivity. So I knew I had to release her. But I woke up before I let her go. It was an amazing dream.

When I woke up I also realized what day it was today. Even though here in the USA it's 1/25, in Australia it's 1/26 which is Australia Day. 7 years ago Christian was born. Yes, Carly's Christian. So it's  a short 7 weeks until Genesis 7th birthday. I think this was the reason I had that dream. As a reminder. 

Can't believe she would have been 7. 7 years since I held her. Since I kissed her. Since I smelled her. Since I told her I loved her. She would have been in 1st grade, moving on to 2nd grade. Sigh.


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